Sunday, June 14, 2009

Quick log - Run and Bike

Sometimes I forgot to use my blog to actually record my running. That is a little funny.

And I am using the term "running" here loosely as I have officially kicked off my "no running" running training for my half marathon.

Saturday - 3 miles. I walked the first mile and then somewhere around mile 2 I realized I had been running for at least the last mile. Can't even tell you where or how it happened, but my body just started running. When I realized it about mile 2, I thought about stopping but decided it really wasn't worth it to blow a good thing. After all these years of running, it was only Saturday that it became crystal clear that my internal cadence is set to something like a 10-12 minute a mile run. Anything slower than that doesn't jive with my mental pace and doesn't give me the mental refreshment I feel when I run.

Knee went out twice on Saturday.

Sunday - 15 mile bike. Back on the bike. I won't lie - it was nice. I like going out and stomping on those pedals and just letting it go. I do love speed. Ok, my knee was a nag about the entire ride. It kept groaning and whining when I really laid some pressure into the pedals. I just wante d to slap it and scream, "get a life, get in line and just cooperate." It was a reality check to make me realize that it isn't just running that may be a problem in this training.

Knee went out twice on Sunday - at Walmart - it was painful enough that it made me sit down quickly. I grabbed it and moved it a bit and it went back into place and all was good.

Tentative plan for half marathon training is a 3-2-2 in 5: 3 "cross training days" which is one long bike, one short bike and 1 medium walk (3-4 miles); 2 running days - one long (6-10) and one short (2 miles) and 2 strength training days - but all packed into 5 days with 2 rest days.

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