Monday, May 18, 2009

Hum...April 29th was a long time ago

Where does time go anyway?

The last few weeks have been an absolutely blur. I have written all my posts in my head but somehow they never make it to the actual blog. It's that time and priority thing.

Let's see, since April 29th, we have had 10 soccer games, 5 baseball games, 8 soccer practices, 3 dance classes plus 2 dress rehearsals and a recital. There was a whole mess of work deadlines that took over my life and my husband threw in some extra shifts to cover coworkers. I added in a few trips to my beloved PT, a few doctor appts for the kids, and even for the pets. We had a handful of family events and some catching up with neighbors. My garden is still a wreck but I did find enough time to get all 16 hanging baskets planted. That is all the good stuff.

And we also had the experience of a suicide of the dad of our daughter's friend. Tough week that one. Hard to watch and help the kids - ages 6 and 4 go through the emotions of losing their dad so unexpectedly. There are just not enough things we can do. Still working through that one.

And in there were a few runs. A few, like a handful or so. One long run in a downright, good old fashioned thunderstorm. Thought lightening would strike me or my friend as we ran on a 1/2 mile bridge over water. But God liked us and we were able to finish. I don't think I have been that wet in a long time or maybe ever. The next long run was by myself and was so cold my hands almost froze into one position. But still, I am getting a bit faster. And I am almost taking the advice of my family doctor, PT and chiro - stop running. Almost Isay, because I am walking my runs during the week and only running my long runs. I don't have that much time or patience to walk the long ones.

My PT officially discharged me. Time to go to an orthopedic and get the verdict on the knee. I am stronger but have a ways to go and work on - and I will. But Amber decided that PT wasn't going to fix it alone. You know, it is kinda sad to get "discharged" by the PT before you are "fixed". I feel like I got fired. I am working on my balance exercises like a maniac - hopeful that the continued work might pay off before I see the specialist on the 8th.

I did visit my chiropractor - the savior who brought me back from my hip injury - and he tried laser and ultrasound on it. It was a bit sore but at the same time it felt different. I think better - but hard to explain. It felt looser and more flexible. It hasn't gone out since then. He thinks it is a cartlidge tear and to stop running. But I am still more hopeful and going to try a treatment or two with him to see what might happen.

Dam to Dam is barely two weeks away - I am very excited to see what this year holds and even more excited to be given the chance again to run with 2 new runners. Can't wait!