Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another opinion

A bit of emotion in that last post, no?

Well, I guess it is good to get it all out. Monday night's post was one long rambling tirade of nonstop typing. Looking back at today, I can see all the typos, grammer issues, etc - but I have decided to leave it just that way. It captures the moment of Monday.

Tuesday was a day of distraction - I couldn't get anything done.

And today, I am starting to think more clearly.

I have decided, as of this moment to do the DSM half marathon in October, the Living History Farms in November and a tri or duathlon in Sept. I have pledged to run just once a week - and make it count and make everything else a cross training. It will make the runs challenging but I hope I can maintain some fitness.

And then the bigger decision was to buckle down and lose weight. I spent A LOT of time online going back thorugh the doc's words and there are two things in my control - when/where I run and weight loss. It's not that I am gigantica, but I do need to lose 15 pounds. Every pound lost means less pounding on my joints.

Only time will tell if this is a good decision.

I am also getting an almost second opinion. My son goes back to his world class PT for a foot review and PT update and I trust her with my son (which is more valuable than my own life). I am going to review the x-rays, progress and doctor's opinion to see what she would do - would she get a second opinion.

At least I have a plan. I know what is next.


  1. Glad to hear you're getting an almost 2nd opinion :) And also glad to hear you are doing better and have a plan!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Never Without. Are you one of the out-of-towners who ran the Helvetia Half? If not - it's definitely worth a try.

    Good luck with your running. I'll stop by your blog again in the future for more inspiration.

    xoxo MMW