Friday, July 17, 2009

So That Little Mystery Is Solved

More than 12 days ago, I was wondering if I would lose my mind while sitting around.

The answer - pretty much yes.

I am thankful the surgery went just fine on Tuesday. And got some great photos to take home. :} He removed the loose body (cartilidge), a lovely bone spur and some arthritis. After surgery was a breeze and felt pretty good that day. Even Wed wasn't so bad.

And then the novocaine wore off in the middle of the night on Wed night/Thursday morning. OMG! Shock to the system. Tuesday and Wed I could hobble around pretty well with no crutches and not much pain. Thursday was miserable. I finally broke down and took the codeine. Ewwgads. How do people take that stuff? I was completely out of it AND my knee hurt.

Last night went a little better and it isn't quite so awful today - but damn does it still hurt.

All my visions of being up and zipping around by Saturday or Sunday without crutches are now a crazy thought. I am having difficulty walking on that leg, much less not limping.

So, I will sit some more. I have already watched 4 movies and read 3 books. So now, it's time to spend some time on line and catch up. I am doing my best to enjoy it - but it is disconcerting to feel my back end spread out and get larger each moment I sit here.

But, still I will try to be thankful that everything went well. That I have my family to hang out with me and keep me company. That I will be walking/running soon enough. That it could always be worse.

Here is a quick "On The Run" video from the comfort of my big red chair today. It should be labeled (Not) On The Run.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

12 days to go

I am starting the countdown to surgery. Not so much because I am looking forward to it or dreading it but because I just realized that I need to get some stuff done before I am have limited mobility for a week.

I rarely sit. I rarely rest. So, how will the week go? Will I lose my mind?

I am also trying to build up some strength. Seems like I only have a small amount of time for walking and biking - work is taking up way to much time.

I have found one advantage in all this walking. It is something my husband and I can do together. We have been talking a few walks together at night - it is a nice change. A chance to catch up - that never happens.