Friday, July 17, 2009

So That Little Mystery Is Solved

More than 12 days ago, I was wondering if I would lose my mind while sitting around.

The answer - pretty much yes.

I am thankful the surgery went just fine on Tuesday. And got some great photos to take home. :} He removed the loose body (cartilidge), a lovely bone spur and some arthritis. After surgery was a breeze and felt pretty good that day. Even Wed wasn't so bad.

And then the novocaine wore off in the middle of the night on Wed night/Thursday morning. OMG! Shock to the system. Tuesday and Wed I could hobble around pretty well with no crutches and not much pain. Thursday was miserable. I finally broke down and took the codeine. Ewwgads. How do people take that stuff? I was completely out of it AND my knee hurt.

Last night went a little better and it isn't quite so awful today - but damn does it still hurt.

All my visions of being up and zipping around by Saturday or Sunday without crutches are now a crazy thought. I am having difficulty walking on that leg, much less not limping.

So, I will sit some more. I have already watched 4 movies and read 3 books. So now, it's time to spend some time on line and catch up. I am doing my best to enjoy it - but it is disconcerting to feel my back end spread out and get larger each moment I sit here.

But, still I will try to be thankful that everything went well. That I have my family to hang out with me and keep me company. That I will be walking/running soon enough. That it could always be worse.

Here is a quick "On The Run" video from the comfort of my big red chair today. It should be labeled (Not) On The Run.


  1. I'm glad the surgery went well! Hang in there and I hope things are getting easier for you over this last week!